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    My goal is to provide one of the most comprehensive Elementary Physical Education and Secondary Physical Education resources available on the internet.  On this site you will find a wide variety of elementary physical education games, including cooperative games and activities, sports games, lead up activities, and much more.  Furthermore, you will find ideas on elementary physical education assessment, field day ideas, cheap or free physical education equipment, created and compiled by an elementary physical education teacher with over two decades of experience.

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I've talked about it, now the advocacy group formation is underway!

Motivated Obesity Reduction, Education & Prevention Endeavor

The mission of this non-profit group will be to create a movement that will take action steps to educate, our youth and adults, in order to reduce and prevent obesity.

     Reduce and Prevent Obesity by offering and updating the following resources:
     Expand and Enhance the MrGym.com website
     Expand and enhance the MrGym.com YouTube channel
     Finalize an Assessment App that I created and get it to other educators (Free)
     Create the Motivated Obesity Reduction Education & Prevention Endeavor

          Build the MorePE Website
          Make changes in legislation concerning the amount of PE required in schools.
          Make changes in legislation concerning who can teach PE in schools.
          Make changes in legislation concerning nutrition, in schools and out.
          Create a hands on resource to train under qualified PE personnel.
          Make the LYFE Program available to schools at no charge

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About MrGym.com

     MrGym.com was is created by a Physical Education teacher, for other Physical Education teachers, students, enthusiasts and anyone interested in the physical fitness of today's youth..  
     Why:  As a young elementary Physical Education teacher, I found myself constantly looking for new games, ideas, solutions to problems, etc.  Back then, there was no Internet and personally, It was frustrating getting information from sources that had little or no experience in an actual classroom/gymnasium.  Yes, there were great ideas, in theory, but as you know, what looks good in a book or a classroom, may not always work well when implemented into a classroom or gymnasium.  Now I do not claim to be the foremost expert on Physical Education, but I do have 28 years of teaching experience.  That is 28 years of trial and error work in the field, that with the introduction of the internet, I can share with other Physical Educators.  MrGym.com is not just about me trying to share what knowledge I have gained, but is about getting all physical educators to share with each other, with the purpose of improving our physical education programs.  Therefore, it is my hope that through this website, physical educators will have an opportunity to share, learn and communicate with other professionals who are "in the trenches" and have time tested ideas and theories that work.  
     When: MrGym.com first hit the Internet in January of 2004.  In 2005, MrGym.com has quadrupled it's 2004 numbers in terms of visitors, hits, and pages viewed, and have doubled the 2005 numbers in 2006.  Furthermore, we broke the 1 million hit mark in late September of 2006.  In 2007 we had 2.4 Million hits by over 100,000 visitors, and as of May 2008, we have had 2.5 Million hits.   
     Story Behind the Name MrGym:  In my early years of teaching, I taught several kindergarten classes for elementary physical education.  One of these classes would greet me as Mr. Jim when they entered the classroom.  I found this kind of strange, as my name is Doug.  Anyway, this goes on for a short time before I approach their teacher to find out why they are calling me Jim.  Upon talking to the teacher, I discovered that the students were told they were going to Gym and since they had never had PE they assumed that Gym (Jim) was my name, so they always greeted me as Mr. Jim (Gym).  I thought this was a cool name and it fits this site very well.
     Thank you for taking the time to visit MrGym.com, I hope you enjoy our site!