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How I run My Field Day

     Due to the large number of e-mails requesting more information on this field day, I have included all of my field day material on this page.  Furthermore, I have added all of my forms and game instructions to the bottom of this page. This material may not be copied or published without the expressed written consent of MrGym.com.
     To make this section easier, all of these links will come up in a separate window, so you may need to have your pop-up blocker disabled or use ctrl when you click on the link.  Sorry if this is an inconvenience.

     First let me start off by giving you a little information on my field Day situation.  My field Day consists of 18 classes.  6 classes each of 3rd, 4th and 5th grades.  My field Day takes place during one entire school day.
       Not to put down any other educators field day, you do what works for you.  But, I decided several years ago that I did not like the field day format that the previous teacher had implemented.  Our previous field day consisted of several individual morning events and several individual afternoon events.  The students would then pick 3 morning and 3 afternoon events in which to participate.  In my opinion, this led to a lot of wait and down time while students waited for their event.  30 seconds later, their event would be over and the wait would to begin again.  The second problem, in my humble opinion, was that you often have the same students winning a gazillion ribbons, while most of the students leave with no ribbon.  So to take care of both of these problems, I tried to develop a field day that keeps all students busy, drastically reduces down time, and drastically increases the number of "winner", all while increases teamwork and cooperation.  Following is how I run my field day at Duncan Falls Elementary.

About 1 - 2 weeks prior to field day, I send home a notice describing field day and asking for volunteers.  Volunteers can choose between the morning session or the afternoon session or even both. (See parent notice)  (See Volunteer Sheet)  (These two are sent home with each student and are stapled together).  Also, please notice that There is a new website that was developed to help organize and schedule volunteers, you can click here to visit VolunteerSpot.com or click the ad at the right.  A new window will pop up, so make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled.

A week prior to field day, classes are notified of their team color.  (See it Here)  And are encouraged to make team banners, pennants etc. (similar to how countries represent themselves in the Olympics) but you could use other themes as well.  With 5 classes at each grade level, I assign Red, Blue, Green, Gold, and White/Grey as the team colors.

Day before field day, I will mark the fields and prepare all of the equipment.  (See my Prep List)  (See my Equipment list)

My field day works like this: The morning consists of 3 stations (as I have 3 grade levels)  Each station has 2 activities.  (See my Schedule)
     Station 1 - Has Tug-of-War and Giant Volleyball
     Station 2 - Has Hot Tamale and Team Flag Tag
     Station 3 - Has Nuke Walk and Sack Races (3 legged)  has now been changed to inflatable obstacle course that I can now afford due to a C
reative fund raiser.
Each station also has a holding area where teams discuss strategy as they wait for their event
(This past year, I added filler games for students to play, while they wait for their event.  There were no awards given for these events, but we kept track of times in order to keep the teams motivated.  These games included a truck pull and clown races and worked very well.  This year, 2011, I will have a filler game at each waiting area).  But, while at each station, each class will participate in a single elimination tournament for each of the two games at that station.  Following is an example:
     9:15 am 3 graders are at station 1.  4th Graders at station 2,  and 5th graders at station 3.  At this time, each class is competing against each other (same grade level) in a single elimination tournament for the 2 events at each station.  Of the five teams, I will award a first place and second place for each event, each grade level.  So at about 10:00, when we switch, 3rd grade has finished Tug-of war and Volleyball.  4th Grade has completed Hot Tamale and Flag Tag, and 5th Graders Nuke Walk and Races.
     10:00 (approx.)  rotate stations 3rd grade to station 2, 4th grade to station 3, and 5th grade to station 1.  Again, they will run single elimination tournaments for each event. 
     10:45 until lunch - classes rotate to their last station and complete tournaments.
 Lunch Schedule
     also 3 stations: Station 1 Eat Lunch.  Station 2 Lunch recess, Station 3 Mystery activity ( has included miniature sculptures, movie, slide shows etc.).  Anyway, classes will rotate through the lunch schedule.  In the meantime, I now have time to take down the morning events and set-up the afternoon events.  The afternoon is very similar to the morning. (directions for all games can be found at the bottom of this page.)
     Station 1 - Crab Cageball  and Sploosh
     Station 2 - Target Toss and Fireman's relay
     Station 3 - Road races have been replaced by inflatable bungee run that I know rent each year due to a creative fund raiser. and Truck Pulls/Snack station pop/chips
** I will put directions to these games on this site shortly**

These events are run with the same single elimination format as the morning events.  Each event is rotated after about 40 - 45 Minutes.

For the last two years, I have not done  individual awards, instead I have starting giving every student, teacher, and volunteer a tee shirt, which I can now afford, due to my creative fundraiser :)

However, in the past, below is how I used to. due my awards

Awards - Students are awarded with certificates instead of ribbons (for expense reasons).  I give each student from the 1st and 2nd place classes (in each event) personalized certificates.  That means each event will have about 150 certificates 2 classes x 25 students = 50 awards x 3 grade levels for a total of 150 awards per event.  Chances are excellent that every student will receive at least 1 award during the day.  (update) - I have since eliminated the certificates and opted to give every student a field day shirt.  The certificates worked fine, but did require a few volunteers.
Class Awards - Each winning classroom is given a banner to display for the following school year.
How - As field day is going on, I have volunteers working on the awards.  I have runners take the brackets (each event is given brackets ahead of time so they already know who plays who and when.  Furthermore, these brackets are arranged so that in the first round no team is needed in both events at the same time.) to the award workers immediately upon the completion of a bracket.  The award workers will then fill in the certificates.  With this system, awards are ready to go home by the end of the day.
     Granted, there is a lot that must be considered in this type of field day, but I personally like the way it works out.  No one person dominates, no one person can be singled out for losing, less "down time" and everyone works as a team.  

If you would need more details on this type of a field day, just drop me an e-mail and I will be happy to assist any way I can.

Things to do Form
Home Notice
Volunteer Form
Equipment needed Form
Teacher Assignments
Sample Bracket

 Go Here to see Pix from my Field day

Game Rules

Target Toss
Cage Ball
Nuke Walk
Team Flag Tag
BMV - Volleyball -
modified last year (2010)
Scooter Rally Races (Discontinued) but directions are still shown.  Replaced with inflatable.
Trolly Walk (Discontinued) but directions are still shown - Replaced by Nuke Walk
Sack Races (Discontinued) but directions are still shown - Replaced with Inflatable.
Hot Tomale

Fireman's Relay (Bucket Brigade)
Truck Pull
Clown Races - I use this as a filler game at one of the staging areas