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EQUIPMENT: None or 2 foam noodles

HIGHLIGHTS: Cooperation, Teamwork, Evading

INSTRUCTIONS: Select 1 or 2 students to begin the blob ("its").  The rest of the players will scatter about the playing area.  On the signal, the "it" or future blob will attempt to tag the other players.  A player getting tagged, must join (literally, they must join a hand) the "it" and continue developing the blob.  These 2 players must now stay joined and attempt to tag other players.  As more players get tagged, they must add onto the outside of the blob.  So, at any one time, the blob will only have two hands available for tagging (one on each end).  The more players that get tagged, the larger the blob grows.  The object of the game is to be the last player captured by the BLOB.  Following are some rules to follow:
     1.  Only the end players of the BLOB can tag others.
     2.  The BLOB must remain connected to tag others.
     3.  You may give a noodle to each free hand of the BLOB to aid in tagging. (not required)

HELPFUL HINTS:  I usually have student who will try to run and slide under the BLOB.  There are two ways to stop this.  One is to make a rule that you can not go over or under the BLOB or two, if they touch any part of the BLOB, they are tagged.


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