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NAME OF ACTIVITY: People Pyramids


EQUIPMENT: Mats if indoors

HIGHLIGHTS: Cooperation, upper body strength

INSTRUCTIONS: I use this as a small group activity, so my groups may be anywhere from 7-9.  However, this activity will work with any number, in fact I have had my entire class try this at the end of the period.  Anyway, Here is how I run this activity.  I use this as a station when I am doing other cooperatives/initiatives.  First, I go over some safety issues, such as:
     1.  keep arms and knees vertical for more support
     2.  When on other players make sure your arms are in line with their arms and legs in line with their legs.  Stay off of the spine and middle of the back.
     3.  We use a safety word, so if you are in any pain or feel like you might be, just call the safety word and the pyramid must stop and dismantle immediately.  However, I encourage communication between players so it usually does not reach this point.
     After going over safety issues, teams are challenged to build a three level pyramid.  Sounds simple, but even some of my 5th grade classes struggled a bit.  If they are successful with a three level pyramid, I will let them try a four level pyramid (only with me there and with spotters).

HELPFUL HINTS:  Sometimes when teams are successful at the three level pyramid, I will increase the challenge by having the pyramid try to crawl from one location to another (over mats of course).  Also, as stated earlier, I may have the entire class try a three level pyramid.  They really enjoy the challenge.


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