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NAME OF ACTIVITY: Blind Man Volleyball

GRADE LEVELS: grades 2-12

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: volleyball, volleyball net, something to cover the net (parachute, sheets, etc.) and 1 ball per game

HIGHLIGHTS:  All volleyball skills, bump, set, spike, eye-hand coordination, rotation and scoring.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Set the game up by installing the net, then place parachutes or sheets over the net (they should reach the floor, or very near it).  Divide the class into two equal teams, one team on each side of the net.  Each team should have an equal number of front, middle (large class, single game) and back players.  With older classes, I will play two games simultaneously. With my younger classes I play one large game and use it for teaching rotation and scoring as well as improving bumping, serving and setting skills.  Play with the same rules as volleyball or modified volleyball.  The exception with this game is that neither team can see the other.  One rule difference that I choose to use with every grade level is that they can serve from anywhere on there side of the net.

HELPFUL HINTS: I adapt this game to the level of the participants by any one or combination of the following:
    Type of ball I use Balloons, beachball, oversized volleyball, volleyball
    Number of hits Anywhere from 3 up to unlimited
    Bounce rule Ball my hit the ground once between each hit.
    Serve help Serve may hit the net, or may be helped by teammates
    Net height
    Illegal hits With older classes I could disallow illegal hits

Saftey concerns Beware of extra parachute on the floor, keep it tucked under the net as it is super slippery.

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